Best Time To … Fish

The best time to fish is 1. Anytime if you love fishing and know what you’re doing.  2. Sometimes if you’re curious.  3. Always at a neighborhood fish market if you’ve given up on #1 and #2.

For years, the only “fishing” I’d done was in the frozen food section of local grocery stores.  This was partially due to childhood trauma of repeatedly choking on fish bones.  Momma’s children learned to eat “Whole Foods” or nothing at all.  Don’t worry.  Thanks the bone dislodging ability of bread,  I survived.

In my effort to have a more self-sufficient household I’ve become obsessed with learning to fish.  Picturing myself reeling in fish after fish – enough to stock my freezer for months – really appealed to me. Tried it once.  Discovered I had an acute ability to NOT cast the line INTO the water.   5 feet away from the water’s edge?  No problem!  15 feet behind me?  Perfect!   Dear husband hasn’t taken me fishing again.

The good news is that a fish market recently opened nearby.  Today’s sketch was inspired by that little shop.  Just a few customers but their catfish was delicious!

Widescreen Fish Market
The Fish Market. Watercolor, ink, pastels.


Now about those bones….