Ugly Squash

“When it comes to food, ugly simply means that it doesn’t live up to the culturally imposed standard of what a proper item should look like. We can combat these harmful and ridiculous standards by enjoying the array of misshapen fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs that we see everyday, and take a sense of pride and comfort in the diversity of Mother Nature’s bounty. Moreover, as the food industry attempts to reinvent itself as being homegrown, farm fresh and all natural, nothing screams natural more than being irregular.”  Anthony Wyatt  –  via Why Buy Ugly?

According to WordPress, I’m one of 554 persons who “liked” this post on The Thrifty Gourmand.  Actually, I loved Anthony’s post!  I was introduced to “ugly” food as a child.  Momma would search for damaged canned goods in the “discount section” –  a couple of buggies*  tucked away in some obscure corner of the Winn-Dixie.  She’d check each can.  No rust.  No leakage.  No problem!  At 50% mark-down, the dented can of creamed corn tasted as good as a pristine can of green peas!

Today, I enjoy eating my own homegrown vegetables when possible.  However I do love a bargain!  I can spot the tell-tell red mesh bags of discounted, imperfect produce a mile away in my favorite grocery store.   I feast on “ugly” food while waiting for the misshapen, bug-nibbled and often undersized organic veggies to grow in my garden.

Discounted Squash
Ugly Squash, watercolor and ink on paper

I recently scored 6 bags of summer squash.   Six dollars and 12 quart bags later: the sliced, blanched and bagged squash looked pretty prefect to me!


*To my non-Southern readers: Buggies are also known as “Shopping Carts”.   Bless y’all’s hearts!  Thanks for following this blog.





  1. Claudia says:

    I am one who thinks misshapen food is jus fine! Especially if you’re going to just cook it up anyway. So why not?

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  2. “Yummy” never looked so good!

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