Community…Artwork by Joe Adams

The bears have it all wrong!  Hibernate during the growing season.  Forget the berries and the picnic baskets Bobo.  Wait until the shorter days, colder months.  Nothing to plant.  Nothing to cultivate.  Nothing to harvest.  No yard maintenance.

Art bears to the studio!

Bear bloggers to the keyboard!

But bears can’t write or make art.  So they return to their seasonal slumber as the Homesteading Artist comes out of hibernation.  Awakening to a crisp fall morning, I began to plan for creativity.

Back to the studio.

Back to the keyboard.

With renewed enthusiasm for fine art, I happily sought inspiration at a local gallery.   However during my artistic slumber, much of the fine art was replaced with festively crafted ornaments and stocking stuffers.  Yes.  ‘Tis the Season.

Nevertheless I was not completely disappointed. Artist Joe Adams’ (Macon, Georgia) non-objective work saved the day.  Although my own work is object-driven, I was pulled in by Adam’s use of vivid colors and unexpected textures.  His unusual choice of intricately carved vintage frames added a subtle elegance.

A surprisingly harmonious marriage of edgy mordernism and southern gentility.  Two opposing forces working well together. 

Like the unending chores of keeping a home and the spontaneous freedom of the studio.  Thanks Joe for the inspiration to get back to arting!  Your sassy colors and jazzy patterns are sure to bring any artist out of hibernation.

Featured Image: Work by Joe Adams 

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