Best Time To…Buy Organic

Sketchbook Page Spread


The best time to buy organic is when it is so “ugly” that no one else wants it!   “Ugly” fresh food is my gold standard for healthier meal-making at a reduced cost.   But to find ORGANIC products at a deep discount…OH….MY….GOODNESS!

Eating my homegrown organic is a lot less expensive.   But my gardens produced smaller yields this year.  Not too much went into the freezer for the winter.  I was able to put away a few quart bags of summer squash.  But the eggplants and tomatoes never made it pass the dinner plates!

So I was thrilled to find 3 bent cans of organic fire roasted tomatoes at a deep discount at a local grocery chain.  “Woohoo!” Indeed.20181118_143217

A few days later, I scored two organic eggplants for $1. Although they looked woefully past their prime inside the red mesh baggy, I could see potential for perfection when paired with an ugly can of fire roasted tomatoes!  BTW, the Eggplant Parmesan I made was quite pretty.

Sketches of Organic “Ugly Food”

Read more about “ugly food” on my post about Ugly Squash.


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