Pneumonia Weather

“Hold on.  I ‘ave to blo my noz again.”  Despite the protective layers of Kleenex, the full force of my mucus filled blows reverberated across the phone lines.  My genteel southern momma would not have been pleased.

“Sorry ’bout dat.”  My friend accepted my stuffy reply.  But wondered if I was coming down with a cold.


During November, Middle Georgia’s weather had been all over the place.  Highs 70s, lows 40s.  Even lower.  A fluctuation of 30 degrees or more in a 24 hour period!  Who does that??  Then throw in rain.  Lots of rain. People down here call this “pneumonia weather.”

Pneumonia.  Cold.  Flu.  Its all a nasty business!  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu season begins to spike in December.  YIKES!

So a few days back I began prepping for this winter’s woes.  I made echinacea tincture and herbal tea blends to boost a compromised immune system.  I also put together my favorite home remedy.  Lemon and Ginger Honey syrup.   Its quite lovely!


And it works really well if taken at the first sign of a cold.  You know – the warning tickle you get in the back of your throat. But by the time of the phone conversation mentioned earlier, my “tickle” had became a sniffle as I was waiting for syrup to “cure”.  The honey needs time  to draw out the beneficial juices of the lemon and ginger.

Oh well.  I took it anyway.  Sweetening cups of green tea with the golden mixture.  That along with bed rest seemed to do the trick.  Feeling much better!  Just in time for possible wintry mix this weekend.


JOIN IN: What is your “go to” home remedy for cold and flu season?



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  1. Claudia says:

    Is that your sketch book? It looks wonderful, and its the kind of thing you should put together with recipes. Then sell it. Your artwork is so homey yet professional. I like it alot!

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    1. OMG! Thanks Claudia for the kind words! I’ve enjoyed working in this sketchbook with its fragile, yellowed pages. Found it at a used book sale. I wrote a post about sometime back.


  2. Cindy Kendrick says:

    I swab inside my nostrils every morning with a Q-tip soaked with Tea Tree Oil. I’ve done this for years. Despite my hubby taking immunosuppressive drugs, then on dialysis, he never got the flu when he used the tea tree oil. I occasionally get bronchitis because my asthma has made my lungs weak, but no colds, no flu, no strept. I’m covered! 😊

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    1. Hi Cindy! So good to hear from you my friend! I’ve always knew that Tea Tree was an excellent antiseptic. But I’m surprised that its not too strong for direct application. Good tip though – its not like you are sloshing it around like mouthwash!


      1. Cindy Kendrick says:

        Yep. Works for me!!!! Expecting frozen stuff from the sky this weekend. Hope your cold or whatever is better soon and stay warm……keep in touch!!!

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        1. Yep! I’m much better! Stay warm in North Georgia this weekend. Brrrrrrr!


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